Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Twas in the garden Sunday twilight...

I spin the webs of dreams into lines of language to tarry here for a while and amuse.

Here is a brush pen render of a type of onion that grows in the wildes of my mothers garden

twilght didn't tarry
my pen moved slowly
I did finish it

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

May has past alreadY???

Seems time has been passing for me quite quickly lately...my grandfather died right before my fathers birthday and it seems that I've been away every day of may or trapped standing on traincars an buses this month. It's been tiring. There have been a few breaths of fresh air...including 1. the Kalamazoo animation festival-where I was in a character drawing/design workshop with my dad and 2. the John and Bill show- where I got to meet bill plympton and john K. who did ren and stimpy. 3. I got to hang out with the rest of the WIA chicago peeps. We held our own sketch crawl

So here's a few sketches I've scrounged up for now (there are others on random scraps of paper that have yet to be scanned, once I'm willing to judge weather it's worth it to post em')

1. This is from a birthday party my friend had at a bar. I was encouraged to stop painting shortly after I had done some warm ups. Here's the warm ups:

a sketch lookin over my friends shoulders (it's upside down in the scan)- I think I need to remember my darker pencils next time...and the post it is something I doodled while at work......

Now on to the mini sketch crawl WIA chicago did during our meeting that happened at the same time as the John & Bill show....we landed up at Limbo pizza and then later traveled to Baskin/Dunkin where I had to leave. The pizza place was especially great cause we got to watch some classic Batman tv...a episode with hippies. Maybe someday i'll tell the batman stories I have... anyway. here's my sketches:

The above was more about the colors for me than anything else...
And now on to faces:

And finally, I took a bikeride to the lakefront (the bestest lakefront in the world) and sketched some. I'm still fighting with water colors, never having the patience with them. I love oil paint, it's got richer color and is more forgiving. Water color seems to intimidate me of all people...I'm still not happy with the color quality - i'm ignoring the paper warping...

And I happed to luck out and have a mounted police officer go right by me with this gorgeous horse. Short short time to draw, but the sketch caught the general idea...though I needed to darken the image so you could see the pencil strokes I have on my paper...

Hoping to scan stuff tommorrow....I have another birthday at a bar...hence many people to draw!