Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dawn of a new age

I have a laptop.

Some may not see this as any unusual news at all. But for me it's quite a step. I have always had a computer provided by my father who builds them and they last for a long time. Unfortunatley this computer required me to sit in my room late into the night. And any time I'm out of town or not home I'm thinking of all the work I could be doing if I had my desktop with me. Turns out standard laptops these days actually have more stuff built in than my home-made desktop. Which I will still use, of course.

This is the first computer I've purchased on my own. My boyfriend helped me pick one out since he knows more about all the stuff underneath the hood. All I know is there's a whole lot of stuff packed in here that I don't know how to use. Like a webcam, windows vista, and a keyboard that I'm still getting used to. I now have to just install all the stuff I need, and probably uninstall a bunch of unnecessary crud too since it is Windows Vista. But I've got a lot of freelance work to finish first and since all my software is on my desktop I'll still have to work there for a while....

Oh and it's name is "Dug" like the dog from Pixar's UP

a coloring contest page

This is a yet-to-be approved image for a coloring contest promoting the Zoo's involvment with the parade this year. I almost think it needs a border. Was also thinking the bear needs to be holding balloons but that's up to the zoo.