Saturday, September 29, 2007

situations in fairy tales

So I read this book a few months ago. The description of a particular scenario in it stuck with me. Baba Jaga put a sleeping princess in what appears to be a glade. If you approach the princess the leaves on the glade floor part to show a giant pit and a bear within that pit which then chases the person who is approaching the princess. So on to my drawing. I did mine with mist. But still has the pit, and the bear (just in one corner you can almost see him) and the pillar with, in this case, with me standing there. Now I don't really swear, but I think if I were in this situation, I would. lol.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

sketchcrawl WIA

I didn't really have the heart to sketch right off the bat. I watched some, I plopped some paint down. And I penned stuff. There were soo many people outside for the last day of summer, playing in the fountains. And it was a beautiful day. Though I'm glad they canceled my call for the film set this afternoon!

Then we went to a grassy field in Millenium park where I selected people from the masses who were having a lazy saturday afternoon.

And the final bit of drawing is what I like doodling. Animals. And oh what fun it was! Wierdly enough, if you draw a unicorn, it's bound to attract attention. I mean, they're like the supermodel of the horse world. It was like every kid within, oh, I don't know, 15 feet just KNEW there was a unicorn being drawn and then they were looming over us like odd looking vultures. But luckily we were in a group so they were'nt about to pick on us or anything. lol.

And now I have an idea for a new blog of animals. Yes....stay tuned.

Halloween thoughts

I had some time waiting at a theatre meeting the other night. So what do I do? Draw my inklings on possible halloween costumes. I pretty much drew anything that came in mind. I won't know which I'll make until I find some supplies. I have more ideas. But I've had friends express interest in the tootsie pop owl. I thought my idea to be one of those russian nesting dolls would be fun cause then when I popped the fake head off, i'd have myself on the inside with makeup. Oh so many ideas. I'll probably drop the unicorn as I already did that when I was 10. I've always made my costumes
a. mostly due to lack of funds (hmmm...that's never left me) , and
b. I always thought my homemade costumes were waay better than those silly plastic masks all my friends were wearing. (still think pre-made costumes are pretty lame.)
c. Creativity and Imagination about exploded out my pores and I had to have some outlet. (uh...still have that problem)

So many costume ideas. If I do the owl, I have to wear the glasses and the hat and I'll carry around a bunch of tootsie pops in an over the shoulder bag. But it'd be hard to drive my bike on that one. If I have enough time and money I may buy myself a wig, braid it into buns and make myself into princess leia...though I don't really know how to make a prop gun...that I might have to buy a toy gun and refurbish to make it look more real.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Zzoo Sketches

I'm sorta glad the film set work was canceled friday cause then I got to go out with everyone and draw! So here's my zoo sketches! The hardest was the one-armed lemur/monkey thingy. It was cute. And then there was the bad-ass monkey, he looked like he had a fo-hawk and an earring. lol

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Its a Grand Night for Singing!

Grand Night for Singing-

I will NOT get that song out of my head for a while. Dance Rehearsal tonight on that scene really drummed that melody into my head. I just got to get the actual words down yet. lol

Anyway, here's two bits of my set design ideas for two different scenes. Just to give you a small taste of it, nothing fancy. And we shall see what it actually comes out looking like!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

no drawings

Well I might have some later-but tis my birthday weekend. I may have some from Starved Rock, dad's takin me there. :) Have a great labor day weekend people!!!