Saturday, September 29, 2007

situations in fairy tales

So I read this book a few months ago. The description of a particular scenario in it stuck with me. Baba Jaga put a sleeping princess in what appears to be a glade. If you approach the princess the leaves on the glade floor part to show a giant pit and a bear within that pit which then chases the person who is approaching the princess. So on to my drawing. I did mine with mist. But still has the pit, and the bear (just in one corner you can almost see him) and the pillar with, in this case, with me standing there. Now I don't really swear, but I think if I were in this situation, I would. lol.


Catherine Satrun said...

That would suck! I like how you did the sky.

araesr53 said...

This one was my fave, probably because of the F@$*! Nice job, I'm not really an artist but I know what I like.

Alikins said...

LOL ~ this is spectacular! love love LOVE it so much!! :)