Saturday, September 22, 2007

sketchcrawl WIA

I didn't really have the heart to sketch right off the bat. I watched some, I plopped some paint down. And I penned stuff. There were soo many people outside for the last day of summer, playing in the fountains. And it was a beautiful day. Though I'm glad they canceled my call for the film set this afternoon!

Then we went to a grassy field in Millenium park where I selected people from the masses who were having a lazy saturday afternoon.

And the final bit of drawing is what I like doodling. Animals. And oh what fun it was! Wierdly enough, if you draw a unicorn, it's bound to attract attention. I mean, they're like the supermodel of the horse world. It was like every kid within, oh, I don't know, 15 feet just KNEW there was a unicorn being drawn and then they were looming over us like odd looking vultures. But luckily we were in a group so they were'nt about to pick on us or anything. lol.

And now I have an idea for a new blog of animals. Yes....stay tuned.


Catherine Satrun said...

nice sketching- glad you were able to make it yesterday!

Amada Rosas said...

Yes, nice sketches, I can't wait to see the animal blog.

Sarah Satrun said...

fun sketches!

unicorns rule!

amy provine said...

Looks like you had a good time! Nice sketches :)