Saturday, September 22, 2007

Halloween thoughts

I had some time waiting at a theatre meeting the other night. So what do I do? Draw my inklings on possible halloween costumes. I pretty much drew anything that came in mind. I won't know which I'll make until I find some supplies. I have more ideas. But I've had friends express interest in the tootsie pop owl. I thought my idea to be one of those russian nesting dolls would be fun cause then when I popped the fake head off, i'd have myself on the inside with makeup. Oh so many ideas. I'll probably drop the unicorn as I already did that when I was 10. I've always made my costumes
a. mostly due to lack of funds (hmmm...that's never left me) , and
b. I always thought my homemade costumes were waay better than those silly plastic masks all my friends were wearing. (still think pre-made costumes are pretty lame.)
c. Creativity and Imagination about exploded out my pores and I had to have some outlet. (uh...still have that problem)

So many costume ideas. If I do the owl, I have to wear the glasses and the hat and I'll carry around a bunch of tootsie pops in an over the shoulder bag. But it'd be hard to drive my bike on that one. If I have enough time and money I may buy myself a wig, braid it into buns and make myself into princess leia...though I don't really know how to make a prop gun...that I might have to buy a toy gun and refurbish to make it look more real.

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seedoi said...

COOL! Love the funny looking guys with the big eyes!