Thursday, August 30, 2007

Zoo Sketch

My friends Catherine, Sarah, and Adrian came into the city and I got out of my office job early to go draw with them at the zoo. It was a fun day, lots of the animals actually seemed to be posing for us. And because it was a weekday, the crowds weren't soo heavy. Here are my drawings from our mini sketchcrawl in no particular order:

Rome and Montecassino

I just got back from Italy where I had VERY little time to draw (sadly). Sigh, someday I'd like to go there and have time to draw. Anyway.
Here are three drawings, one done in the car while waiting, one done on a sidestreet while waiting, and finally, one done quickly in a garden while waiting. All really short waits. I don't like the last one. Wish I had time to make the first one more defined, and the middle one- well, there's a definite wish to have had more time really.