Monday, April 14, 2008

goodbye engineer of imagination

No drawing could do justice to the note i have to place here, but yet I want to mark it in my own journal.

Today I learned that Ollie Johnston, last of the 9 has left this earth to join his comrades wherever it is tired animators go once they expire. Frank and Ollie were really fantastic inspirations and like all animators I enjoyed every little wink that was thrown into their direction in movies. To loose Ollie is like loosing the last page on a windy day, to a story that now is closed.

I wonder where the future will lead to- I'm hoping that their footprints will burn into the foundations of animation instead of fading into the sea of history. May their legends live on and inspire these and upcoming generations, so that inventive and lovable characters are created and the great tradition of animation lives on to inspire imagination.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Red Ballon

I watched "The Red Ballon" the other night and it was fantastic. Just as wonderful as I remembered from my childhood viewing. What I hadn't remembered at all was the blue ballon. There was so much character in this movie, and rarely a word spoken. Quite the masterpiece. With the Red Ballon the dvd had White Mane, which was interesting but not as good. It did have some beautiful imagery.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The art of mary blair

Loved the book but felt jipped that there weren't more pictures. It's kinda like a highschool essy with lots of quotes, some bits of history, and a few photos. I know there's lots more. I want a book more like the Charley Harper book that I've heard about. Hopefully not that expensive, but an actual CATALOG of Mary Blair's work would be nice. Guess that would require a museum to show it though. Hmph. Maybe the Getty will do it, she is such an influential artist and I want to see more damn it!

Red Umbrella

It was a grey rainy day on the way to rehearsal tonight.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I did this one completely in photoshop, used some free stock photos, (the arrow feathers and the actual target). I had trouble with the text and using the pen tool, plus the need to have really long titles on the actual image as the client requested.