Saturday, January 06, 2007


Well I've been sick off and on since the last post. Infact I've got a cold now! Anywho. Here's some drawing I did do over the holiday:

This was giftwrapping that I drew for a medium sized box.
Elf and stars was on one side, trees on the other

I designed and sent out a christmas card this year, though it helps that I don't have a million billion people on my list. Anyway, here's the cover image:

And yea! I got me a drawing tablet, a wacom 4x5 graphire, this week which I ordered of of Amazon. I like the one I have at work, but that's too expensive for me, it being the professional version.

Anyway, back to staying warm and getting well....


Catherine Satrun said...

WOW! You made your own wrapping paper! VERY creative!

Sarah Satrun said...

I like the elf guy on the wrapping paper.

Nice job on the card!