Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Knife Throwing Target board

Here's each panel from the knife throwing board I painted for the last musical I was in. I took lines from the play and painted them on each side, sorta quickly and more tattooey like cause I figured Hines worked in the state fair raquet so he'd have had the tattoo guy for the bearded lady do the box. Only that guy's soo busy that he knocked it up quite quickly, but still tried to make it look snazzy. So I painted exactly what they mentioned in the bit before hines throws his knives at the balloons (which are gone in these pics, though there are a few reminanats on the floor in one photo). Each of these panels are about 6 feet tall so it was quite a challenge to stick to the quick doodles I skeched on the backside of the script, but it pretty much looks exactly how I envisioned it. So all the lines are pulled from the play, except I added the "Iron-nerved Iowan" bit, which probably SHOULD have been said cause how can you NOT say Iron-nerved Iowan in a knife throwing build-up???! Anyway here's the pics:

And all three :

I also carved foam for the first time in my life. I had to make 4 sewing machines. I used a hot wire and man did the stuff smell!! But anyway, here's one of the foam sewing machines
(I intentionally misspelled the name of the sewing machine company)


Alina Chau said...

Great board paintings!!

Sarah Satrun said...

Wow! Nice job! :D