Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gulag Mouse

Most recently I was working on scenic painting and some props for the Babes With Blades' production of Gulag Mouse. (I love working on theater and film sets.) It was a fun project. I got to do blood spatters, made the bunks looks crappy and old, paint the floors to look dirt-like, and I also made fake tree branches for them to use in their stage combat. Its a small stage, and a small theater group, but very nice people. I loved having the actors help-- they were lovely and did a great job listening to my directions, and the director was right there telling me where he was thinking blood splatters would fit best. It was an ideal situation since I wanted the set to fit the directors vision, and be helpful to the actors staging. My favorite part of doing the art for this production was the branches that I made to look like they had been burning for a while. I don't have a photo of it glowing (I should work on that...)

Here's some images:

blood pool soaked into the dirt. Not quite dry yet....

Wacking stick #2 with a fake knot. Made of PVC and that foam stuff to insulate pipes.

A bucket of fake sticks. And in the back you can see the Yes Promotions bag - anyone need promo items? (That's my full time job)

This is actually a shot of the full stage. You can see the fake stove far bottom left. One of the bunks is holding up a sheet that's drying after being soaked in a dirty paint bucket to make it dingy. I'm glad to have gotten the opportunity to do this!


Sam said...

I hear that the founder of Babes With Blades is also named Sam Alden.

k. borcz said...

You are in fact, correct!