Friday, October 30, 2009

Gallery Show Entries

three photos I transfered onto gessoed canvas, and then silver leafed and coated with a wash and a clear coat. Its not the same gel medium I used before, and I found it a bit tough to work with, but i'm definitely playing with this technique.


seedoi said...


Sam said...

These are beautiful. They are such Chicago photographs, you know?

drend said...

HOW did you say you did this?!it looks amazing!:O you would never ever consider doing a "how-to-for-dummies" would you?*puppy eyes* really wonderful, this looks great! <3

k. borcz said...

Oh thanks!

Basic instructions: First I took photos and made them high-contrast black and white photos.
I printed them on my home printer, then put a nice thick layer of gel acrylic medium on the entire image. You flip it while wet and put in on the canvas. When it's fully dry you peel it off, water helps this process. Acrylic transfers ink quite nicely only any surface. Then in spots I added silver leaf. I plan on doing this with some more photos soon, just gotta find the right ones. There are lots of possibilities.