Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sketching, leafing, and practicing

I'm trying something different. I'm practicing using indesign to create a vignette into my day, kinda like an album page with a bit of description. The advantage is that I get practice, and I can put in all sorts of images and text to create something I have more control over in the end.

I'm very excited because I got my sketchbook for the sketchbook project yesterday. I drew in it today, but since it's not quite finished I've not uploaded it yet. I only have a short month and a half before i must send it back, but that's plenty of time! My topic is also quite fun, it allows for creative interpretation and freedom. I was a bit worried before I got the book that I might get a bad topic, but this one turns out perfect for me. Here's the link to my sketchbook's page link

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